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Disability is an important morbidity with many consequences and financial burden to patients and their loved  ones. It is estimated by data that 1 out of 2 healthy individual more than 65 years old will suffer from severe disability during their life. 

Our government recognizes the importance and have in place financial schemes to help people with severe disability. However, all these schemes can be confusing and difficult to navigate even for healthcare professionals who are not involved or trained in disability assessment. 

Dr Hong hope that with his training in disability assessment, he is able to create more awareness and help more patients with severe disability to benefit from these financial schemes that are in place for them.

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Dr Hong is an MOH-accredited assessor for disability schemes in Singapore. 
If you think that you or your loved ones may be eligible for severe disability schemes and would like to find out more, you can request for an assessment with Dr Hong.

Preferred mode of communication

Dr Hong will contact you to understand more of your needs. Thank you.

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