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Dr Hong has seen my family through the course of 5 years and had been a very caring doctor who is very willing to share what he knows with us such that we are assured of the best advice possible. He is very patient and ensures to listen and understand what our symptoms are. He does not make you feel that you are visiting a doctor but shows concern more like a friend.


Dr Hong is always very polite. I feel very comfortable with him and consultation with him is always very pleasant.

Ms Tan

Dr Hong has been my family doctor for my family for the past 3 years. He is a very caring doctor. He always takes time to explain and answer all our questions.


Dr. Hong has been our family doctor for the past 4 years. What he has done differently to gain our family’s trust is that he never fails to spend more time on asking relevant questions to find out more about the problems before prescribing the right medical advices and ensuring that his explanation can be easily understood. Hence, he’s definitely the top of mind doctor that we can trust whenever we face any health issues!


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